It was great to see 17 teams on the grid yesterday for the Christmas Endurance race. Silver Fox were victorious in the Prokart class, managing to complete 268 laps in the allotted 4 hours. Just 50 seconds down the road, Team K, the sole Iron Man, crossed the line. FFR and Hit’n’Run were the first Junior teams home – finishing an impressive 3rd and 4th overall.

Thanks to all the drivers, mechanics, family and friends for coming along. Look out for news of the next endurance event which will be sent out in the next week or so.

Full results below:

Silver Fox  —  Prokart

Team K  –  Iron Man

FFR   –  Juniors

Hit ‘n’ Run  –  Juniors

Team Lewis  –  Prokart

Dobbins  –  Prokart

Why So Serious  –  Prokart

Team TMW  –  Juniors

Dusty  Rugs  –  Novice

CLS Racing  –  Clubman

Old Guys Rule  –  Clubman

RedButt  –  Clubman

Team RBW  –  Clubman

Fast & Furryass  –  Clubman

Red Rockets  –  Clubman

Just Made It  –  Clubman

All Revved Up  –  Clubman

Download the the fastest laps here.