Because we know how much you all love reading through page after page of Championship regulations here are a few guidelines about the changes you can expect from YOUR South Wales IKR Championship in 2017.

Please note that there are changes to all the individual class regulations but none of them are listed on this sheet. Please take time to check out the changes in your class and feel free to discuss any questions of queries you may have with us. Our ears are open.

Here is a brief rundown of just SOME of the new things you can expect.

1.2 Best 7 out of 9 rounds to count. So you can go on holiday (twice!!!) and still win the title.

1.11 New rules on what happens if there is………..a tie!!!

2.7. New Yellow Vest rule for drivers in their first ever race

2.9. Clarification on who can enter as an MSA and Non MSA driver.

3.6 3 lap practice to replace 5 minute practice. 2016 format to remain for MOST but not all 2017 events

4.6. Saturday practice to be run from 2-6pm where possible

5.1. Pushers allowed on circuit for all classes.

6.1. Seeded numbers for 2016 champions in MSA and Non MSA classes

6.5 Tighter regulations on loose/missing bodywork

6.6 Drop Down nosecones for all MSA drivers

6.7 Rules regarding on board cameras.

7.4 Penalty Card System

Download the full regs here.